Berber Whiskey, Rose Buds and Petal & Moroccan Mint Tea Trio by Moroccan Sparrow

Moroccan Sparrow sent me some of their lovely blends to try, and I had to try the most unique blend first – their Berber Whiskey! The gorgeous ingredients in this blend include cinnamon bark, cardamom, cloves, galanga, madder root, anise, spearmint and ginger. Not recognizing some of these ingredients, they are used to help with an upset stomach or alleviate a cold. I had neither, but when I read this tea also helped calm and relax one’s mind, I was fully on board! The blend has great depth, earthy but smooth, with the cinnamon and minty spice being the most prominent. Next, the lovely Rose Buds and Petal tea was lightly fragrant and not overwhelming, so a great blend for evening sipping given how soothing it is. The last tea, a delightful Moroccan Mint, was light and refreshing. I really love spearmint teas, and I feel like they cleanse the body and the mind. This blend contains Moroccan mint leaves, cardamom, spearmint, and a hint of cinnamon. With a drop of honey, this set the backdrop for a peaceful frame of mind. Picking a favorite out of this trio was tough. The Berber Whiskey blend was incredibly unique and I adored the gorgeous floral Rose buds and Petal tea. However, as I mentioned, spearmint tea is just what I need some days. I found that combining the Moroccan Mint with the Rose Buds and Petal tea was my perfect blend! I got the floral notes I adore, plus the pick-me-up mint refresher.

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