About Me

Welcome to my page!

I’m a tea lover and enthusiast about all things tea related. You’ll find me combining tea with quite nearly everything in my life – drinks, cocktails, recipes, serve ware, even skin care products. I grew up drinking a lot of tea as a kid, starting with humble brands such as Lipton and Tetleys. Usually the tea was a base for me to devour cookies or crackers, but tea was always a comforting way to start or end the day in my childhood home. When I left home and went to college, I was all about being cool and drinking coffee. Coffee chains were on the rise and a fun place for a meet up, and that whole ‘let’s meet or discuss over coffee’ mentality carried me through my career-building years. I never lost my love of tea – I was just too busy! Too busy studying, too busy working, too busy hanging out with friends, or too busy traveling. Coffee was always there, far more easy and accessible than the tea bags that seemed dusty on shop shelves. I still drank tea, but it was much less frequently. I’d love to say that changed for me when I became a mom, but the sleep-deprived working momma that was me needed my coffee fix and I was still climbing corporate ladders. Bonding with colleagues was usually over cups (and CUPS) of coffee.

It was at a corporate event when I was reintroduced to tea with a blend that blew my mind. I hadn’t been paying attention to the world of tea that was unfolding, and now I needed to taste more! Annual birthday trips to local tea shops to buy and sip tea made me so happy, and I drove my husband crazy with all the little tea cups and spoons I would pick up whenever I found something ‘cool’ (which was quite often). From that point on, various blends of teas always had a shelf or two in my home, and during my kitchen renovations I insisted there needed to be a tea and coffee bar station fixed somewhere permanently. Fast forward and shortly after that renovation came the 2020 pandemic known as COVID-19. All of a sudden, life was confined to a much smaller, safer place called home. In building a comforting environment for my children in a very scary world, I turned back to tea. Except once again, tea had transformed and I didn’t realize it. Without having coffee shops to run to, my children and I were having mid-day tea breaks, night time tea, or weekend iced teas. Since everyone was drinking at home, I started experimenting with all kinds of tea cocktails and iced teas. So were many other people it seemed! I found an amazing tea community and more tea brands and flavors than I could ever imagine. So I started tasting them all. This site pulls together all the things I love about tea, from brands to blends to serve ware to tea-based products or great snacks to go with tea time. I slowed down a bit to sip my tea. And I came back up running because I was so excited to share everything I’ve tried and learned with the rest of you. So thank you for visiting, and enjoy my page!    

5 things about me:

  1. I drink all kinds of tea, from traditional Camellia sinensis to herbal and fruit teas. I’ve had amazing versions of all kinds!
  2. Yes, I still love and drink coffee. It’s not a battle guys.
  3. I’ve learned so much about tea, and yet I still find my tastes changing all the time! I brew teas in all kinds of ways as well, from traditional western style to gongfu style to cold brews. I also use both loose leaf tea and tea bags! Listen, sometimes you just need convenience on the go!
  4. I love infusing all kinds of things with tea, from cocktails, to desserts, to soup! There are a lot of really creative people out there, and if I wasn’t working, being a mom, and drinking tea all day, I’d experiment a LOT more with some of the recipes I’ve seen.
  5. If it’s tea related, I’m probably going to like it! I’ve reviewed all kinds of tea products, from tea-flavored lip balms and tea-infused skin care, to tea cup storage, to tea kettles. And I love tea ware and accessories. And tea apparel (especially the ‘pun’ny ones). You get the point!