Fruity Pebbles Tea by Tiesta Tea

@tiestatea has lots of fun, fresh-flavored teas, with plenty of fruity options. I had to try the Fruity Pebbles tea – one, because the ingredients of green and black tea, pineapple, papaya, raspberry, strawberry, and rose were too tempting to resist, and two, the name was so cute. If it tastes anything like a yummy cereal, how could it disappoint? The tea itself is really pretty, with big pieces of fruit and rose petals sprinkled throughout. I can’t say no to a tea with rose in it! The smell is deliciously fruity as expected, but once brewed the tea is decidedly more balanced. Fruity sweetness is definitely present, but it is lighter than expected and refreshing. Brewed hot, it was delicious. I also did a gorgeous iced tea with a little shimmer from @jardininfusions rose mixer and a drizzle of butterfly pea flower tea!

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