Lu Yu by La Via del Tè

Let’s talk about oolong teas. The varying degrees of oxidation produce teas that have characteristics of black and green teas, without being either. Oolong teas are also traditionally rolled or curled into tight balls or strands. Because of the varying ways to handle the tea, its flavor can be wide ranging from floral to vegetal, and sweet to smoky. ‘Lu Yu’ is a white and oolong tea blend by La Via del Tè, a company based in Florence set up in 1961. The packaging is a stunning gold and red, and further review of the tea drew me right in. The oolong tea is blended with ‘silver needle’ white tea (clearly standing out in the pictures) and also includes raspberries, rose petals, and mallow flowers. It’s a really beautiful tea, and the aroma is summery and strongly fruity. The taste is more balanced, without being too sweet in the way the scent comes across. Once again, this is a tea I cannot wait to try iced, although it was wonderful hot as well. We will be looking at some more oolong teas and blends as there are some really fantastic ones out there to sip and savor.

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