Japanese Whisky Tea by Harney & Sons

If you love whisky and never tried a good Japanese blend, you are missing out! As a tea lover and someone who enjoys Japanese whisky, when @harneyteas first came out with their Japanese Whisky tea, I was super excited!. The tea is made with the yabukita cultivar (most commonly used for sencha), and is finished with an eight hour smoking over wood chips made from Japanese whisky barrels. The tea is smoky for sure but also rich and smooth, with an exquisite sweetness. If you’re wondering how it compares to a Lapsang Souchong – it’s a bit milder, with the uniqueness of flavor that Japanese whiskies tend to offer. This is more of a fall/winter tea, but I did read somewhere that someone turned it into a gorgeous ice cream treat, with spiced caramelized pecans and cherries. That sounds luxurious for sure! I’d recommend offering this tea to friends or family who still think of tea as tame. They’d surely be surprised at the ingenuity being brewed these days!

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