Beautifying Botanicals Daily Beauty Blueberry Lavender Herbal Tea by Republic of Tea

I’m gearing up for birthday month (mine and my two little boys, literally a day apart in one case), and with that I have self care and wellness on my mind. Enter @republicoftea Beautifying Botanicals Daily Beauty Blueberry Lavender herbal tea. Containing green rooibos, hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehips, blue butterfly pea flower (for that gorgeous blue-purple color), lavender, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, bamboo, blueberry, schizandra extract (whew) this tea notes it helps to refresh and nourish your skin from the inside out. All that aside, it truly sounded delicious, and like something I’d want to try even without the beauty bonus. Having this hot, the taste is an interesting blend of floral fruitiness, but the blueberry does stand out slightly more. The package description noted a squeeze of lemon adds a bright flavor and a pink hue, which I cannot wait to show you all iced. I think the options on this are pretty good, because I can see this as a frothy latte, iced, and hot with nothing else. And while I originally had this with my blueberry tart for dessert, with some sweetener or creamer you could make this tea taste like a blueberry pastry if you really wanted to.

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