White Rose Tea by Numi Organic Tea & Favols Violet Jam

Today I broke open my box of @numiorganictea White Rose tea, which I paired with @confitures_favols Violet Flower Preserves for a real treat. The White Rose tea has a gorgeous perfume that I could breathe in all day, but don’t worry – the smell doesn’t overwhelm the tea, which happens to be quite light, but soothing. If you really want to amp up the flavor, you can either brew the tea longer so it creates a medium-bodied infusion or you can add another tea bag to your cup, but I was content to sip it as it was. One other lovely way to enjoy this tea would be with a little mint leaf or tea, which I think would be amazing! Moving on to Favols (based in the heart of Aquitaine’s orchards in France since 1966), creators of unique and delicious jars of jam. Their premium range of flower preserves made from whole flowers or petals, is the perfect pick-me-up for tea time or brunches with its original touch. The jam is lightly floral, which I put on a simple cracker so that I could really get the flavor. If you have an opportunity to try the preserve I certainly recommend it, especially if you love floral-inspired teas and treats the way I do!

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